Our Board of Directors spans across the United States, with members on both coasts and in between. Some have been involved since our inception in 1992 and others have recently joined our community, yet they are all dedicated to our mission of making a difference in El Salvador. 

President: Aaron Shaw

Aaron Shaw


Aaron is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University, where he conducts research on participatory organizations and online communities. Aaron holds degrees from Stanford University and UC Berkeley and has received multiple awards and fellowships for his research and teaching. He has been involved with the Tamarindo Community for over 15 years, first participating as an intern while he was an undergraduate student. He joined the Board of Directors in 2013.




Vice-President: Margaret Miller



Margaret is the Dean of Students at Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, California. She first came to the Tamarindo with a school delegation in 2005 and has been involved ever since.





Treasurer: Chuck Wyman



Chuck is a sales and marketing exectutive within the medical device and diagnostics industry. He has a bachelors degree in management and finance rom Ball State University.  Chuck is married to Pat and has two daughters – Catherine and Elizabeth.  Chuck has been involved with the foundation since May 2014 and has since had the opportunity to visit Guarjila with his family.





Secretary: Debbie Sahm

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Debbie is a stay at home Grandmother while volunteering on the Loans and Grants Committee of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, the None One Dies Alone Program (NODA) at Saint Francis Hospital, Right To Life of Indianapolis, supports and mentors young adult Catholic women and has a great devotion and prayer commitment to the Precious Blood of Jesus. She has been involved with the Tamarindo Community since 1997 in many varied ways, but most importantly, helped begin and develop the student delegation visits from local Indianapolis High Schools. She believes strongly in, and has witnessed first hand, the transformation power of love, mercy and care in the Tamarindo Community.



Chairman: Reynold F. Frutkin

Bud Frutkin

Bud is a retired attorney residing in Indianapolis, IN. He has been involved with the Tamarindo project since 1997, when he made his first trip to Guarjila with a medical group from his then parish, St. Pius X. He has made a total of 10 trips to date and helped get the Foundation off the ground in 2004­-2005. Before acquiring his J.D. degree at night law school at age 45, he took the following wandering path through academia and business: B.A. (Honors) in classical languages and various advanced degrees in English and drama, including a diploma degree from the Victoria University of Manchester (England) and a doctor of fine arts degree (D.F.A) from the Yale School of Drama. After obtaining his J.D., joining his brother’s firm as partner, and earning a little pocket money, he joined his brother in an international financial adventure called Lloyds of (“Sheep are for shearing”) London where he was a member, and lost more money than he made, but learned something about people, nasty and nice, in world finance & insurance.



Joe Albers

joe albers


Joe is the Principal at Cristo Rey San José in San Jose, California. He is the founder and director of the Jon Cortina Scholarship Program and has been involved with the Tamarindo Community since 2000.





Nicholas E. Fohl

nick fohl


Nick practices family medicine at his practice, Family Practice Medicine, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He and his wife Lisa have been involved with the Tamarindo for countless years. Nick has been involved with the foundation since its inception in 1992 and first went to Guarjila in 1998.




Paul Germain



Paul is a retired CEO of Paul Germain Enterprises, Inc in Oakland, California. He came to know the Tamarindo in 2010 through his daughter, Megan, who participated in a school delegation and as an intern for the foundation. An avid endurance cyclist, Paul has also ridden on multiple portions of John’s cross-country bicycle tours. He is one of the founders and former board president of the Emeryville Artist’s Cooperative, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low cost studio space for artists. Its forty-year success is seen as a model for limited equity cooperatives in the U.S.





Kate Murray

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.45.04 AM


Kate is a Family Practice Physician out of Haddonfield, New Jersey. She first came to the Tamarindo between her junior and senior year at Boston College on an immersion trip, and has since been involved with the Tamarindo in multiple capacities for the past 15 years.





Enrique “Chele” Henriquez Romero



A former Tamarindo himself, Chele now lives in Savannah, Georgia with his wife Sarah and two children, Claire (5) and Christian (2). They recently made the move from Indianapolis to Savannah, where Chele previously worked as a Ramp Supervisor for Jetstream Ground Services and American Airlines. Having participated in the Tamarindo his entire life and worked as a director in Guarjila, Chele now contributes to the other side of the foundation by participating on the Board of Directors.




Tim Thoman



Tim Thoman is President and CEO of Performance Services with corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.  He has been supporting John and the Tamarindos for over 20 years, well before the Tamarindo Foundation was even established.  He has witnessed the tremendous life giving support and strong leadership that John Guiliano has provided the Tamarindos over the years, and has found it impossible to “out give” or “out sacrifice” him.