Our directors are a dedicated team who have been members of the Tamarindo since its inception. Every day is different here in Guarjila, and this group works together to ensure the Foundation is adapting to the constant evolving needs of our community. 

John Guiliano

Our Tamarindo community is led by John Guiliano. John is a native New Yorker who has been in Latin America for over 30 years. He has been educated and inspired by Saul Alinsky, Cesar Chavez, Mickey Mantle, Mahatma Ghandi, Rutilio Grande SJ, Steve Kelly SJ, Daniel Berrigan SJ, Greg Boyle SJ, Dorothy Day, Armida Andrade, Maru Espinoza, Ricardo Howard, MIke Kennedy SJ, Bobby Orr, Ignatius of Loyola, the beautiful people of the Casa de los Pobres (Mexico), the generous and loving people of El Salvador and of course, every kid he has ever known.

Luis Lopez

Luis has been a Tamarindo from itʼs beginning in 1992. Luis was a child of the war and was forced to flee his community, Arcatao, under carpet bombing at the age of five. He returned to Guarjila when he was 12 years old and began coming to the group in 1992. He has served the Guarjila Community as community president and member of the town council. Luis serves the Tamarindo community as our complete fix it guy (engineer, carpenter, etc.), Jon Cortina Scholarship coordinator, program assistant and over all “consigliere”.

Santos Alfaro

Santos has been with the Tamarindo since itʼs inception in 1992. He was the first “leader” of youth in Guarjila. He has served the Guarjila Community as town president and board member. He studied sports science and management in Cuba. He is a coach/teacher for the National Institute of Sport. He serves the Tamarindo community as sports instructor, founder of the Soccer School, commissioner/founder of the Soccer Super League (Chalatenango Province), program director and manager for fitness and wellness.

Miguel Cobra Dubon

Cobra has been a Tamarindo his entire life. He currently serves the Tamarindo Community as the plant manager taking care of the Tamarindo stadium, facilty and park. He is known for his tough love around the community and he has also serves on the Tamarindo Council.

Giovanni Dubon

Gio also has been a Tamarindo his entire life. He really is the kidʼs kid. He brings to our community his love and laughter. He is our bridge to troubled youth (gang/drug/alcohol issues). He also assists in plant maintenance and is in charge of inspiration.

Noemi Alfaro

Noemi is a native of Chalatenango. She also lived in the refugee camps of Honduras and came to Guarjila as a young girl. She learned to ride a bike with us and has been a member of the community since itʼs inception. Noemi serves the Tamarindo by working on our school program, youth programs and assists in all our night programs. She is also a member of our Womenʼs Wellness Program.