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Making a difference in El Salvador
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Semana Santa & Beach Soccer
Our beach soccer/volleyball court got an amazing makeover thanks to generous donations. With our new court we were able to host a beach soccer tournament this past Easter break. On top of providing a fun and safe event for players and Guarjila, the best part ended up being the atmosphere. With local vendors and spectators we provided economic and social investment, something Guarjila is constantly in need of.

Volunteer Spotlight 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to long-term supporter and amazing community member Jennifer Grontkowski from Indiana, who spent an entire weekend cleaning teeth here in Guarjila. We are thankful for her dedication, time, and love for Guarjila and the Tamarindo. So thank you Jennifer, our smiles are a little brighter thanks to you!

Delegation Update
This month we had the pleasure of welcoming Saint Mary’s College High School from Berkeley, California. We shared time swimming in the river, tie-dying t-shirts, eating pupusas, playing soccer, and combined our communities. Like always we hope they brought some of Guarjila back with them, as they leave a piece of themselves with us.
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Marching through the year…

This year has moved into full swing, with new events, new processes, new involvements, but the same traditions and values. This month we focused on current events, trying to bring attention to our local and global community. We reached out to parents and incorporated new students, while maintaining our community bonds. Read on to learn about all the amazing things that happened this month. 

Por la paz, la vida, y la justicia…

On the first of April we welcomed “La Caravana por La Paz, La Vida, y La Justicia”. A month long caravan traveling through the countries the most affected by the current War on Drugs: Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. A group of social workers, activists, community developers, and human rights promoters are making their way to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem onApril 19th through 21st. They are bringing with them a cry for peace and for justice for the towns and cities of Latin America. A narrative that strikes close to home here in Guarjila, they are bringing the message that the War on Drugs is not a war on narco-traffickers and the extensive black market, but a war against the people. They bring that this “war” is used to justify an institutional militarization of Latin American towns and cities. As they make their way from city to city and country to country they are documenting, taking the people’s stories of sadness, frustration, and anger.
We were honored to welcome them to Guarjila. We loaded sixty people in trucks and headed to the Honduran border to greet the caravan and escort them back to the Tamarindo, where we had a communal soup dinner with live music and a theater performance from a local group. Stories were told, words exchanged, soup was eaten, and at the end of the night we were one community. The next morning we said our goodbyes over cheese pupusas and a couple of laps skating at the Tamarindo Garden, and then it was time for the caravan to move onto San Salvador. Though the caravan was only with us for a few short days, they changed the atmosphere and began a new discussion, one that has not been openly discussed in Guarjila, and for that we are thankful.
We are also thankful and excited that John will be heading to join the caravan as they make their way through Mexico, bringing Guarjila’s voice to join the collective one.
Want to learn more? Follow the caravan and read about the cause here:

Guarjila Intramural Games

For the first time the local Guarjila public school hosted official Intramural games against neighboring los Ranchos. Thanks to the Tamarindo who hosted practices, organized the event, and provided equipment, the day of was a huge success. Intramurals is just the beginning of our goal to increase involvement with parents and within the school. Lack of parental motivation and involvement in their children’s lives is one of the biggest problems we face here in Guarjila. By providing opportunities for a parent to actively participate and provide encouragement reinforces confidence, strengthens bonds, and ultimately lays a better foundation for the future.

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For another successful month here in Guarjila. Everyday we give thanks for our amazing community that enables us to continue making a difference in the lives of those young, old, and in between. Stay tuned, as April will have just as much content, lessons, and fun.
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