November Newsletter 2016

This year marks 25 years of growing our Tamarindo community.
Read on for more on how we hope to grow for a quarter century more.
November 2016
25 years of growing
This October we reflected on the meaning of our 25 years of work in Guarjila.
Our discernment began with reevaluating the larger vision of the group, looking at our individual goals as well as a collective vision of the future. Two generations ago we began our journey in a small workshop fixing bicycles and learning to ride.
Today our days look very different. We still ride bikes, skate in our famous Tamarindo Garden, develop formational workshops, encourage academic achievement but also are working hard to push our members beyond their imagination or as they say, “think outside the box.”
Our days may be different, but the dream is the same. As we look forward to the next 25 years of the Tamarindo we are consciously seeking ways to deepen our discourse. We hope to begin this next quarter century providing Tamarindas and Tamarindos with not only the resources they need to succeed, but also continue to create an environment of critical thinking and problem solving skills.
This new era of history needs to direct our community way beyond the hills of Guarjila into a world where our generosity, analysis and praxis will be a part of the creation of a new and just society.
Reading, learning, living
This month we’re incorporating technology into our weekly programming. Thanks to the very generous gift of Google Chromebooks given to us by the Jon Cortina Scholarship committee our small base communities are learning research skills, creating workshops and presentations. Our menu of fun, soccer, and “stone soup” continues as we deepen our commitment to reading, learning and expanding life around us.
Tamarindos research, analyze, debate
We hope to inspire individuals in our community to use their voices to express their own invaluable perspectives and experiences. In November we will host our first debate on gender roles and sexuality. There will also be future debate topics such as; the use of nonviolence in conflict resolution, the world refugee crisis and the environmental impact of mining in El Salvador.
Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…
Throughout this period of discernment and change we are thankful for our Guarjila staff who continue to grow our collective vision. We will share more about them and their stories on our social media pages in the coming weeks.
We also welcome our newest intern Michaela Marquez to Guarjila. Michaela is from Socorro, New Mexico, a  graduate of Regis University and a friend of our longtime collaborator Paul Burson.
This holiday season please consider a donation to the Tamarindo Foundation. On November 29 the Tamarindo Foundation is participating in #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving to organizations like ours. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for more information, get involved and please give.