The Tamarindo Foundation is invested in healthy families that neither need gangs to provide them with a sense of belonging and community nor need to migrate. Why? Because we work every day to create jobs and opportunities here. 


The Tamarindo has succeeded for over 27 years because we meet more than people’s physical and economic needs; we emphasize the spiritual, health and emotional needs of all we accompany. 

Through Faith and Grace, we are presenting a model where Salvadoran women and men can achieve their full potential and remain in El Salvador, prosper without violence and bloom in place. 

Your investment will mean that:

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outfits a complete classroom with furniture, fixtures and technology.

(10 needed)


supports one year of sports, healthcare, education, community, parenting and spiritual programs for 18 families.


provides coaching, uniforms, sports materials, tournaments and travel expenses for 300 kids


provides art supplies for community based and school programs.

funds an academic or vocational scholarship for one person for one year.

(35 needed)



funds the physical education program at our local school for one year.


supports women and mothers to expand an existing business or start a new one through our micro-finance lending program.


buys sound equipment for the newly completed Murphy Field.

(1 needed)


buys fully outfitted hardware and software laptops for community education programs.

(35 needed)


rewards outstanding service to the community with cultural education, visits to museums, symphony, opera and historical sites.


sponsors a themed meal (mothers, fathers, elderly, etc.) gathering all ages to share in community. Meals & facilities prepared by Tamarindo youth to feed 60 people.

funds a weekend retreat for high school and college aged community members to participate in spiritual exercises (St. Ignatius)



provides an adequate digital camera to enhance our communication materials and better inform our supporters 

(1 needed)

purchases an electronic keyboard or a drum set for our new music workshop.

(1 needed)



buys a soccer

field net.

(2 needed)

sponsors a weekend service project repairing homes, cleaning the environment, visiting the sick, digging wells, etc.

funds emergency care for community members.



sponsors a health workshop featuring wellness, healthy eating, illness and wound care, etc.


buys field

hockey nets.

(4 needed)

provides skates for the inline skating and field hockey program.

(25 needed)



provides guitars for our music program.

(10 needed)

overhauls a bicycle.

(14 needed)



buys bicycle helmet replacements.

(10 needed)


buys one

soccer ball. 

(10 needed)

provides one pair of athletic shoes for women in our wellness program.  

(10 needed)



buys child care supplies for mothers engaging in health and wellness exercises.


buys one chair for Tamarindo Community Programs.

(50 needed)


There are many people today in the United States concerned about immigration, families, gangs and youth crime. Our shared concerns are drawn from realities witnessed or experienced directly. From the humanitarian crisis at the border with thousands of refugees caught in limbo to gangs, such as MS13 and other criminal organizations found beyond New York and Los Angeles, people in the United States are concerned about the future of youth and families in Latin America, as well as in their own towns.

We believe that in order to address these issues effectively and humanely, we must tackle their root causes. This is precisely what the Tamarindo Foundation is doing in El Salvador. Your investment in the Tamarindo will provide real opportunity on the ground, including jobs, education, training and quality of life. As you accompany us in this process, you will not only transform lives, but also create change in a region that will in turn lead to both a safer El Salvador and a safer United States.

We not only seek your support, but we also ask you for your prayers. May our Blessed Mother and Saint Oscar Romero bless you and your family.

On behalf of all of us here at the Tamarindo Foundation, we thank you.


Matching Grants

1. What are matching gift programs?

As part of corporate philanthropy programs, companies of all sizes will match donations that their employees make to charitable organizations. When an employee donates to a favorite charity, they often request a match from their employer, who then donates to the same organization. Typically a company matches donations at a 1:1 ratio, but some will match at a 2:1, 3:1 or even a 4:1 ratio.

2. Why are matching gifts important?

Corporate matched donations are important because they imply easily accessible money that can support the nonprofit you choose! It gives a big boost to your donated dollars since the Tamarindo Foundation will receive two donations or more for the work of soliciting one.

3. Why should I check my organization's matching gift program and policies?

It is very hard for nonprofits to receive these gifts because so few people know about their employer’s corporate philanthropy programs. It is also difficult for nonprofits to know who someone’s employer is or what their specific policy is.

This is why you can help find out if there are employment requirements such as full time/part eligibility and/or required time on the job. You may also check if your charitable cause is consistent with your companies charitable polices.

Communicating guidelines and instructions, especially on a wide scale, can be difficult so nonprofits frequently choose to focus their efforts on traditional fundraising strategies. By reaching out to your company you are not just giving money, but you are also working to help increase awareness about the cause you support.

4. Do companies have specific terms to matching gift programs?

Yes, typical terms can include maximum individual amounts in addition to aggregate corporate budget ceilings. Also, there may be specific guidelines regarding deadlines for submissions.

5. How do I know if my corporation has a gift matching program?

Typically, corporations will document gift matching policies, including documentation requirements, on their corporate intranet site. Another option is to contact your human resource representative or department.

6. How do I know if the Tamarindo Foundation is eligible for my company’s program?

Contact your company's human resource department or charitable giving representative. You may also write to us at if you have any questions.