Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam (for the Greater Glory of God).

May this Tamarindo Foundation be for Your glory.


It is here in our Catholic faith in the crucified and resurrected One that the Tamarindo seeks to follow the journey of grace in addressing the critical issues of our day: youth violence and gangs, unemployment, poverty, family disintegration and forced migration.

To understand the Tamarindo Foundation, one needs to understand the witness of the Catholic faith in El Salvador and Latin America. It was Pope John XXIII who called for the “windows of the church” to be opened at the II Vatican Council. It was that council that inspired Latin American bishops to discern within their own parishes and communities the profound questions of their time: Where is the church today? Why is there class hatred? Discrimination? Genocide? Poverty? Misery? War? Indiscriminate violence?


It was their very own statement later in Puebla, Mexico taking a “preferential option for the poor” that would make a profound change in El Salvador and all of Latin America — a change of course that would come with a great price: martyrdom.


Here in El Salvador, our legacy of Catholic martyrs, voices for those without voice, is extensive. Our list includes Saint Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Fr. Rutilio Grande S.J., the Jesuits of the Central American University and the North American Church Women — Maura Clarke M.M., Ita Ford M.M., Dorothy Kazel O.S.U. and lay Maryknoll missionary, Jeanne Donovan. There are also countless nuns, priests, catechists and lay workers, women and men that also paid the price for responding to God’s love in service to God’s people. This is the legacy of faith in which the Tamarindo was founded and continues to grow.

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