Help us reach our 25k goal this GI    INGTUESDAY 

to break the chains of poverty and forced migration in El Salvador through employment creation and education.

How can you directly support Salvadoran families this GI    INGTUESDAY?

As our construction team is in full steam to make our dream Thoman Learning Center a reality, we need to make sure we have essential technology and infrastructure to open the doors of opportunity and education to our community as soon as possible. Below are concrete needs you can directly support.


fund an academic or vocational scholarship for one person for one year.

(35 needed)


purchase one iPad for the Thoman Learning Center.

(25 needed)


purchase a 

classroom projector for the Thoman Learning Center. 

(4 needed)


purchase one Chromebook for the Thoman Learning Center. (25 needed)


purchase one student desk for the Thoman Learning Center.

(50 needed)


purchase a headset with an equipped microphone for the Thoman Learning Center.

(50 needed)

Make sure to also take a look at our matching gift programs section to learn how to boost your investment in the Tamarindo Foundation.

What have we been up to since


With your support, we have worked hard this past year to both kick off and enhance a diversity of projects, including support for 36 students through our Jon Cortina Scholarship Program and a new Student Advisory Board,  membership in the American Chamber of Commerce to create more employment opportunities in the region, a new Community Education Program to reduce sexist practices within our community with a vision of coexistence and an exciting beginning to the construction of the Thoman Learning Center. As we continue our journey to promote educational and professional skills that contribute to employment creation, we know we cannot do this work without you. 

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