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The Tamarindo Foundation

Serving the
Salvadoran community for over 30 years 

Invest in People Who Invest In Themselves

Please join us in working together to create a sustainable community of giving. By doing so, you will also get direct stories and photos about the impact in the programs that receive your donations. In addition, to show our appreciation for joining this program of monthly giving, you will receive a Tamarindo 30th anniversary welcome gift along with special insights and communication from the Tamarindo community.

"Love and intentional community building can only replace the culture of violence, by being accompanied by a holistic program of formation of faith, values, solidarity, service, wellness, education, and economic development. I believe it is here that we truly distinguish ourselves. It is in this formula that the Tamarindo transforms young women and men, empowering them to change their own lives and those around them." - John Guiliano, Executive Director & Founder

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