All Tamarindo community members are required to be involved in formation groups. These groups are based on age and meet regularly to discuss current issues, community organization and other issues which include:

  • Immigration

  • Racism

  • Conflict resolution

  • Environment etc.

  • Culture


All members of all ages are encouraged and required to be involved in weekly service projects. Projects include:

  • Life skills

  • Gender equality

  • Career building

  • Relationships and respect

  • Local history

  • Tutoring

  • Farming

  • Community clean ups
    (beach, river)

  • Home repair

  • Assistance to senior community members

  • Teaching

  • Coaching

Our Programs

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First Learners Program

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First Learners is designed to introduce books and reading to first learners through music, art, bilingual language and recreation.The program is facilitated by one of our directors with the support of Cortina students focusing on children 2-4 years of age and their parents.

Tutoring Program

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All students are assigned private tutors assisting them in all subjects including English language and technology. Tutors are organized by our team of college students.

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Sports & Recreation

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The Tamarindo Foundation provides a comprehensive program of sports, recreation and health for all ages. Programs include; theatre arts, dance, yoga, aerobics, soccer, hockey, skating, surfing and swimming

English Language Classes

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The Foundation offers English language training to the Tamarindo community with an emphasis on conversational English. Instructors come from our pool of college students currently studying English.

Gender Studies 

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Our gender program came from an undergraduate research project developed by two of our social workers on “machismo” in our community. The program aims at bringing gender issues to discussion with the goal of creating an environment in which men and women can coexist with respect and harmony. The group also has created spaces for women by women developing both social and economic initiatives in the community.

Jon Cortina Scholarship

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University and technical school scholarships provided to students based on academic, community service and financial need. All scholarship students participate in the execution of all Tamarindo programs as instructors, counselors, coaches etc. Currently we are sending 20 students to university and graduates have included teachers, doctors, social workers, lawyers and community leaders.

Micro-Business Loan Development

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The Foundation provides micro business loans approved by our local banking committee along with a board committee of advisors. Each applicant must be 18+ years of age and the product or service must be approved by the local committee. Currently loans range between $2500-4500 with a 3% interest rate. Each applicant must participate in a business seminar sponsored by the University of San Diego as well as work with an assigned business coach provided by the Foundation.