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The Tamarindo: Tales of Gratitude and Stories of Faith

Holly Fuller

Holly Fuller's commitment to the Tamarindo Foundation began in 2002 while she was in college. After hearing founder and executive director John Guiliano speak one evening at Creighton University, she spotted him sitting alone on a campus bench the next morning. Something told her to stop and talk to him and she believes it was God. The conversation, she says, changed the trajectory of her life.

John asked her to spend the summer with the community in Guarjila, El Salvador, home to the Tamarindo. She later returned for an entire year and, with the support of the Tamarindo Foundation, helped several women Tamarindas establish a female owned business selling Pupusas

Salvadoreñas, the delicious national dish sold throughout the country. Despite the challenges faced by Salvadorans, Holly describes everyone she met as welcoming, giving, and joyful, especially the young ones. In her words, "children are the future of the world. Providing safe and healthy spaces for them to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically is the greatest investment we can make. Holly has worked for Catholic Relief Services for 11 years and has traveled all over the world. All of her charitable support, however, has been directed to the Tamarindo Foundation where she is exceptionally generous. When asked why, she says the Tamarindo are amazing people doing wonderful work. "Multiply the impact they have had on my life by thousands, others and you will understand how many lives they are transforming."

Jon Cortina Scholarship Graduating Class

The Tamarindo Foundation is dedicated to developing people for life. The Father Jon Cortina Solidarity Scholarship program

was created in 2011 to give youth from the town of Guarjila, El Salvador the opportunity to study in universities in El Salvador. The students who apply must not only demonstrate excellent academic performance, but more importantly they must commit to building stronger communities during, and after, their studies. Each year, scholarship award recipients allow students to enter into professions they never dreamt possible. There are 21 students who receive annual scholarships at this time. The following are some of the exemplary scholars who will graduate by December 31, 2022.

We are so grateful for all of our supporters and donors, we couldn't do this important work without you! Let's continue our commitment to break the chains of poverty and forced migration in El Salvador. Please make the Tamarindo Foundation a part of your family's end of year gift giving and please continue to pray for us. In faith and love,

The Tamarindo Team

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